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Jeffrey Diehm, Co-Managing Director and Brian Ruether, Avonix ImagingJeffrey Diehm, Co-Managing Director and Brian Ruether, Managing Director
The aerospace and defense industry is one of those sectors where product reliability and zero tolerances for failure are extremely critical. Even with its constraints, the industry-serving manufacturers are exploring advancements in technologies such as additive manufacturing and using advanced materials to modernize aerospace and defense equipment. This introduces a need for advanced inspection of these critical components, particularly without cutting them up. With intricately detailed parts, the traditional methods of inspection may no longer give manufacturers the data they need. Manufacturers are thus seeking the most effective ways of inspection for ensuring design intent success.

This is where Avonix Imaging comes into the picture. The Minnesota-based company is providing a unique view of components invaluable to manufacturers. Avonix Imaging, in partnership with Nikon Metrology, designs and manufactures world-class industrial X-ray and advanced CT imaging systems as well as provides contract x-ray/CT inspection services. Their systems and services offer detailed and accurate information of components that can be utilized to examine defects and mitigate failure, assisting clients in resolving everyday manufacturing challenges. “We help aerospace and defense manufacturers interrogate their products and detect failures in a way they may have never done before,” says Jeffrey Diehm, Co- Managing Director of Avonix Imaging.

Aerospace clients from a wide range of departments come to Avonix Imaging with very diverse inspection needs. “They might need information on the orientation and internal configuration of components within their part, alternatively they may need to investigate the as-built dimensions of their products compared with the design intent to ensure they meet tolerances. Oftentimes, deviations in these areas lead to failure or poor performance of products,” explains Diehm. To that end, Avonix Imaging offers a wide range of configurable x-ray imaging systems, available in both 2D real-time digital radiography and 3D Computed Tomography technologies. These modular systems are tailored to their clients’ specific requirements, which can range from one part to 1000’s of parts.

Along with these configurable system solutions, Avonix Imaging also provides contract inspection services. The company has multiple state-of-the-art x-ray/CT imaging equipment located in their Minnesota and Texas offices with the technical expertise to meet a wide variety of x-ray imaging needs. Enabling a well-rounded suite of products and services, Avonix Imaging facilitates user-focused training/ consulting and equipment services for its clients.

We help aerospace and defense manufacturers interrogate their products and detect failures in a way they may have never done before

The highly qualified team possesses the technical expertise to assist clients in fully utilizing their existing equipment and truly “getting the most” out of every 2D image or 3D CT scan that they perform. The company also helps them understand what the data means and interpret the images for their purposes. In addition, Avonix Imaging has a highly qualified service staff that offers a full range of equipment services and maintenance on their industrial x-ray imaging equipment.

Binding together all the capabilities of Avonix Imaging is its customer-centric business philosophy and drive to achieve mutual success in every relationship. The company functions on its ACE core values of ‘authenticity, competency, and empathy.’ Avonix Imaging strives to bring an empathetic approach while understanding the needs of clients. Avonix Imaging meticulously listens to its clients during an engagement, asks questions, and ensures that the requirements are laid down properly. The company then goes on to leverage its expertise and knowledge to provide solutions tailored to their clients needs. “We employ technical experts to exceed our clients’ objectives while remaining cost-effective,” remarks Diehm. This authenticity, competency, and empathy Avonix Imaging brings to the table through its exceptional culture is second to none and is the key to enabling mutual success for all the stakeholders.

Illustrating Avonix Imaging’s effectiveness, Diehm cites a recent instance wherein the company helped an aerospace manufacturer overcome failures in their development of an additive manufactured part. The client utilized Avonix Imaging’s contract inspection services to perform various benchmark studies that showed the high-resolution imaging Avonix Imaging could provide. Exhilarated by the result, the client discussed how these capabilities could be integrated into daily use. Avonix Imaging provided an x-ray/CT imaging system configured to the client’s needs that no one in the industry had donebefore. The company was also able to successfully deliver and install the system in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. “Aligned to our core culture of looking out for one another, our team effectively embraced the challenges while keeping clients and us safe and healthy,” extols Diehm. Interestingly, the client’s rapid growth has led to continued use of Avonix Imaging’s Inspection Services and the client has recently ordered a new system to match the increased requirements; paving the road for a long-term relationship with Avonix Imaging.

Avonix Imaging is pushing and leading the boundaries of technology with customer focused solutions and services to help its clients with their evolving challenges. For the future, the company plans to open offices in strategic locations within the next 2-3 years. Avonix Imaging is dedicated to being the most helpful and respected provider of x-ray and CT inspection solutions and services in the country. “As our clients continue to employ new technologies and build new products that present new inspection challenges, we believe we, through our experience and ACE culture, are uniquely positioned to provide systems and services to help our clients overcome those challenges,” concludes Diehm.

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Avonix Imaging

Avonix Imaging

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Jeffrey Diehm, Co-Managing Director and Brian Ruether, Managing Director

Avonix Imaging provides client focused industrial x-ray and CT (computed tomography) imaging services and systems