Swiss Automation: Raising the Bar for Excellence in Component Manufacturing

Swiss Automation: Raising the Bar for Excellence in Component Manufacturing

Marc Moran, Vice President of Operations, Swiss AutomationMarc Moran, Vice President of Operations
Craftsmanship is the pinnacle of engineering excellence. It does not matter how good an idea is; if the final product is not up to the mark in terms of quality and performance, its lifespan is limited. This is where Swiss Automation, a precision machining company, cements its cornerstone. The company’s prowess lies in producing components of superior quality that is driven by its commitment toward excellence.

“We have honed our expertise in precision machining for over 50 years to develop products that can stand the test of time,” says Marc Moran, the vice president of operations at Swiss Automation. As one of the largest manufacturers in the U.S. for precision turned components, Swiss Automation specializes in the development of intricate parts that follow the most stringent manufacturing standards. Notably, Swiss Automation can help their customers incorporate complex and sophisticated features into their products, and still complete the entire process in one operation. The company employs up to 180 of the finest dual-spindle lathes in the world (with up to 12-axis of cutting) to deliver a wide range of services, including cross hole drilling, tapping, slot milling, polygon milling, C-axis milling, miniature hole drilling, extensive back-working, eccentric and off-center working.

Such robust machining capabilities of Swiss Automation, combined with its long-standing expertise, enable its aerospace and defense sector clients to overcome a multitude of their persisting production problems. The lack of quality and lag in delivery, as well as high procurement cost, are all things of the past with Swiss Automation in the picture. “We always stay on the cutting-edge of industry advancements, giving clients access to the best machining capabilities that the market has to offer,” explains Moran. Be it night vision optics for the U.S. Military or jet engine electric connectors for aerospace companies; Swiss Automation offers the highest level of accuracy in the precision machining of sophisticated components that can perform under the most demanding climatic conditions. And this factor has helped Swiss Automation position itself as a trusted partner for several defense manufacturers.

Furthermore, the company is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and registered with the international traffic in arms regulation (ITAR).

But what is under the hood of Swiss Automation that makes it such an efficient ‘quality delivery engine’? The answer lies in its state-of-the-art facilities that can produce any part clients need— no matter what size, level of complexity, or volume it demands. Swiss Automation has the right technology, talent, and passion for delivering products without the slightest trace of slivers, burrs, or any other imperfections. To add to that, backed by its best-of-breed equipment portfolio, the company can accelerate client supply chains by running small, medium, and large production cycles in its 24/7 operation schedule.

This extensive focus on precision and quality is also complemented by Swiss Automation’s apprentice program, designed to train the best talents and is accredited by the State of Illinois. As a part of this program, the company reaches out to schools and colleges. The apprentices are trained in all facets of inspection, tool room procedures, machine maintenance, machine operation, toolmaking, and programming. The instruction is given by experienced quality engineers and machinists, who prepare their teammates to deliver peak performance.

Owing to this unique hiring process, Swiss Automation—a company that began with only one employee is now managing a workforce of 310 highly-skilled personnel. In addition, Swiss Automation is also donating advanced machines to local schools and helping them inculcate useful skills among the younger generation. “And, by manufacturing components in the U.S., we can reduce outsourcing and benefit the next generation of Americans,” mention Moran.

Words to action, Swiss Automation is indeed sowing the seeds of regional manufacturing on American soil. Treading on this path, the company has invested close to 25 million USD on new workspace and equipment to augment its capabilities. The company is upgrading its technology every year to deliver on-peak efficiency and precision, while continually outperforming customers’ highest expectations. Depending on the demand, Swiss Automation is also set to expand its workshop space. The company has already added 20,000 sq. ft. of additional production floor through its Barrington facility on that front. And as a testament to this commitment and loyalty, the company is witnessing a broadening client-base with a high retention rate across the U.S. Besides aerospace and defense, electrical, firearms, and hydraulic/ pneumatic sectors are also reaping the benefits of the company’s superior craftsmanship. Moving ahead, Swiss Automation is poised to make a mark in the precision machining sector and kick up the bar for component quality standards.

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Swiss Automation

Swiss Automation

Barrington, IL

Marc Moran, Vice President of Operations

Swiss Automation specializes in component manufacturing and precision manufacturing for the defense industry, among others. The highly experienced engineering and machining teams at the company are dedicated to assisting their customers in solving their unique design challenges and meeting the material requirements that come with making first in class components for the aerospace and defense, firearms, medical device, and hydraulic markets. Besides, as one of the largest manufacturers in the U.S. for precision turned components, the company specializes in making intricate parts that can stand the test of time.