Top 10 Defense Manufacturing Solutions Companies - 2019
Ascentron Electronic Manufacturing Services:  Rising from the Ashes and Only Getting Started

Top 10 Defense Manufacturing Solutions Companies - 2019

For some time now, defense manufacturing has been among the most risk-averse industries. Today, the global aerospace and defense (A&D) business landscape is undergoing significant disruption driven by an emphasis on innovation and digital transformation, and geopolitical situations. Moreover, the continual advancement defense technology is now aiding A&D manufacturers to transition from legacy manufacturing processes to an automated and streamlined production environment.

With emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, defense manufacturers today are better equipped to transform their factories by eliminating human error and saving time and resources that traditionally went into performing routine tasks. Similarly, manufacturers are also leveraging IoT and predictive analysis in their service parts supply chain to proactively repair equipment and prevent major device breakdowns. Furthermore, with the emergence of blockchain, industry leaders are now able to monitor and manage their global supply chain in a safe and efficient manner.       

Amid these exciting changes, Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled a list of top 10 defense manufacturing solution providers that are harnessing the power of leading-edge technologies and enhancing their production lines.

We are glad to feature Oregon-based Ascentron Electronic Manufacturing as our cover story. Ascentron Electronic Manufacturing provides outstanding service, quality, and value via its unparalleled expertise in manufacturing assemblies for printed, flex, and electro-mechanical circuit boards, alongside complete products for aerospace, energy, geophysical, industrial, military, and space exploration applications. Another featured firm is AirBorn Inc, which manufactures specialized connectors and electronic components. From deep sea to deep space, the company’s innovative interconnect solutions help organizations operate their most critical systems, in the most hostile environments.

With several innovative technological capabilities, these organizations are constantly proving their mettle in the defense manufacturing sector. We hope this edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights helps you build the partnership your firm needs to streamline the manufacturing processes and deliver top-of-the-line products.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Defense Manufacturing Solution Providers – 2019.”

Top Defense Manufacturing Solutions Companies

It is an end-to-end PCB solutions provider, manufacturing quality rigid, metal-backed, RF/microwave, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs for the medical, automotive, industrial, defense, and aerospace markets. The company is MIL certified on a wide variety of products, and in addition to that, it has AS9100D certification. ASC helps its clients in the early development phases so that they can customize PCBs to meet their specific needs. Further, ASC works with designers on alternate via structures, laminate materials, surface finish options, and ideas relative to thermal management. The company has also attained several process patents, which is a testament to the continuous innovations at ASC

An electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company that provides manufacturing services to aviation, medical, military, and industrial customers with low-to-medium volume projects. One of the top defense manufacturing solution providers, Ascentron is an ITAR Registered company that provides manufacturing services for three of the largest defense contractors in the country: Collins Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, and L3Harris Technologies. Ascentron’s services include SMT & Through-Hole PCB Assembly, RoHS Compliant Manufacturing, Prototype, and New Product Introduction. Ascentron also delivers services for special processes such as Conformal Coating and Potting, Components Mounted on Flex Circuits, and Part on Part (PoP)—BGA mounted on BGA

Ebco specializes in engineered vibration mounts, molded and extruded seals, and custom products – all of which are REACH and RoHS compliant. It has been providing customized solutions to OEMs in the defense, power generation, agriculture, turf care, and construction industries for more than 60 years. On the front end, the company offers comprehensive technical support tailored to meet its customers’ application requirements, and continues to deliver its capabilities and services at any stage of the design cycle while on the back end, it continuously focuses on assuring product quality through its rigorous APQP process

Electro Technik Industries, Inc. (ETI) is a leading defense manufacturing solutions provider. The thirty-seven-year-old, privately held company specializes in the design and manufacture of passive electronic components for defense, aerospace, and high-end industrial markets. Founded in 1981, ETI has grown in size and reputation and today owns 13 affiliate companies under their corporate umbrella, each with its own identity and expertise, some of which have been in business for over 50 years. They are organized into three distinct business groups that focus on capacitors/filters & resistors (wire-wound & metal film), RF/microwave components, and magnetics/transformers

Muskogee Technology delivers comprehensive manufacturing goods and advisory services for its clients in aerospace, defense, utility, and oil and gas industries. The company offers a full range of manufacturing services, including composite cutting/kitting services, inventory management, CNC precision machining, various levels of metal fabrication, and kitting/component overhaul. With its CNC precision machining capabilities, Muskogee Technology ensures increased precision, accuracy, and speed of milling, turning, and water jet cutting. The company is also perfectly poised to deliver quality products that are easy-to-use for heavily OEM-dependant industries under strict time and quality assurance constraints

To render network-centric military operations efficiently and make confident and timely decisions, it is imperative to have an intuitive human-machine interface or HMI solution.Founded in 1957, Orbit International—manufacturer of custom electronic device and Power solutions for military and non-military government applications—works in liaison with its customers to offer best-in-class solutions for their specific needs. Also, every solution that the company provides goes through a rigorous testing process. This enables the company to maintain quality and make solutions reliable

Founded in 1976, R.A. Industries is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in producing complex components, assemblies and sub-assemblies for multiple industries. Operating from a 70,000 square-foot facility in Santa Ana, Calif., R.A. Industries operates more than 30 production machines combined with highly skilled production, quality, and management teams. Woman and minority owned business. Some of R.A. Industries’ sophisticated components can be found on the International Space Station, AIM-9 Sidewinder Air-to-Air Missile, Mars Rover, C-130 military transport, MD-80 commercial airliner, and A-10 Warthog, to name a few

Randolph and Baldwin offers a wide array of industrial services that include engineering and design, fabrication, welding, machining, assembly, inspection, and logistics as well. The company oftentimes goes the extra mile by investing its own resources and expertise in order to upgrade and procure products that perform better, consume less time to manufacture, and increase affordability for future customers. For instance, the company dedicates many hours of R&D reverse engineering various specialty components, and even large assembly lines, from previous generations for the purpose of making general improvement in modern designs

STD manufactures precision gears, splines & other related mechanical transmission components for the defense and aerospace industry. Registered as an AS9001 & ISO 9001 on OASIS along with accreditation from NADCAP, the company has worked with NASA on various projects, and played a crucial role in several missile programmes. With a team of highly skilled machinist, the company boasts of several machines and processes such as Sawcutting, CNC Turning & Milling, Swiss Screw Machining, Wire & RAM (Die Sink) EDM, Surface Grinding & Internal/External Cylindrical Grinding, Broaching, Honing, CNC Piece Marking, Heat treating, Passivation and Isotropic Superfinishing

For more than 50 years, Textron Systems has been supporting the U.S. Department of Defense and defense agencies of several foreign countries with its aerospace and defense design, development, manufacturing, and sustainment services. Textron Systems provides combat-tested multi-domain military vehicles, leaning forward with innovative solutions, particularly in the areas of unmanned and autonomous capabilities for use in the most dangerous and hostile environments. Whether it is land, sea, or air, Textron Systems’ combat vehicles are purpose-built for specific requirements and include the latest technologies in the market to ensure maximum performance